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Movement is Medicine

Happy Flow Movements®

Master Life Coach, Sports Nutritionist, Movement Facilitator

Your Lifestyle Living made Extraordinary.
being present with self and body with the movement.

a unique Coaching style, with Adventure, Activities, Nature and amazing destinations, Locally and International.

  • Team Building, Solo Sessions, Family Connect, Public Speaking.

Online & Travelling Services

When caring makes the difference. 

About Me
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Happy Flow Movements Founder



I'm Bianca, Well-travelled Master Life Coach, Nutritionist and Movement Specialist. Founder of Happy Flow Movements® speaker and designer of innovative Wellness Programmes. Having had a passion for people, wellness, movement and nature, I understand that the best way to achieve our best life is to take a proactive, all rounded yet realistic approach to being healthy, happy and well, both at home and in the workplace. In my personal experience there is no one size fits all, therefore a personalised and integrative approach is used to specifically suit the needs of individual clients and groups. Offering talks and getaways, sharing my experience in living your own well-balanced lifestyle, having a positive approach to assist everyday life experience.

are you ready for an adventure...

All stories have a beginning...



  • Coaching and Mentoring,

  • Team Building,

  • Public Speaking,

  • Consultations & Assessments,

  • Individual Sessions

  • Programmes, Workshops & Day Adventures,

  • Getaways & Private Wellness Retreats,

  • Guided Nature Awareness Walks/ Hikes,

  • Holistic Art Therapy,

  • Guided Wellness Activities & Games,

  • Relaxation & General Individual / Group Movement Classes

Experiential Specialties


  • Freelance Independent Consultant - Private, corporate, care facilities and schools. (*contracts available - in person and interactive hybrid online designs)


  • Individual programmes/ retreats and Private focus groups - Children Age 2+, Families, Special Needs & Senior Citizen.

Available Settings

Online, Home / Office ,Wellness Rooms, Studios and Outdoor/Nature settings.

*(All provincial & international travelling services and movement activities are only available covid-19 regulation dependent) 

Free online consultation

Book your Free 15min Consultation to find out how our Serivices can assist you. Available to Locals and International Clients. 

Meet and greet. Share what you are looking for and get directed to the service that best suit your individual requirements.

*Tailored Services & Contracts


Get the chance to book your service date, online and in person available.
*As services are offered both locally and internationally, we work on a first come first served, with full payment securing your service date/s.

Message (+27) 0812432031 to make your booking.

Available Mon-Sat, times vairy.


"The lesson have been amazing and a great learning experience, to get to know my body and connect with my family and sometimes friends. I learnt how to deal with the pain in places of my body. Over all the time that I have spent getting to know myself and my mom and sisters have been enjoyable. Thank you for that"

Lilitha, South Africa

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