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Happy Flow Movements®

Movement is Medicine

being present with self and body with the movements,
explore your unique rhythm & natural flow.

Movement made Available to all ages, sizes & Abilities.

Bringing joy into everyday movement.

Online & Travelling 

just Relax, breathe, move & repeat...

About Me



I'm Bianca, Well-travelled Movement Specialist, founder of Happy Flow Movements® and designer of innovative Movement and Wellness Programmes. Having had a passion for travel, people, body movement & nature, I understand that the best way to achieve our best life is to take a proactive, all rounded yet realistic approach to being healthy, happy and well, both at home and in the workplace. In my personal experience there is no one size fits all, therefore a personalised and integrative plan is designed specifically to suit the needs of individual clients and groups.

are you ready for an adventure...

All stories have a beginning...



We aim to promote, develop, maintain and explore your bodies movement, from early years and up into old age. Supporting each individual with their unique rhythm as we naturally flow deeper into movement as a whole.

  • Consultations & Assessments,

  • Programmes, Workshops & Day Adventures,

  • Getaways & Private Wellness Retreats,

  • Coaching/Mentoring

  • Guided Nature Awareness Walks/ Hikes,

  • Holistic Art Therapy,

  • Events - Guided Wellness Activities & Games,

  • Relaxation & General Individual / Group Movement Classes

Experiential Specialties


  • Freelance Independent Consultant - Movement and Wellness. Private, corporate, care facilities and schools. (*contracts available - in person and interactive hybrid online designs)


  • Individual programmes/ retreats and Private focus groups - Children Age 2+, Families, Special Needs & Senior Citizen.

Available Settings

Online, Home visits ,Wellness Rooms, Studios and Outdoor/Nature settings.

*(All provincial & international travelling services and movement activities are only available covid-19 regulation dependent) 


 *Facebook photo gallery & review section

"I have been attending Yoga classes with Bianca in Benoni. I have learned so much about breathing techniques, relaxation and have thoroughly enjoyed all exercises.Bianca is friendly, patient and professional and I have enjoyed her classes immensely."

Ina Bloemendal, South Africa

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