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Master Life Coach,
Nutrition, Activity & Movement Facilitator

Live Your Life Extraordinarily.

  • Experience a unique coaching style that explores possibilities and the role of nutrition and movement in your daily life, promoting overall well-being and more enjoyment.  

  • Offering personalized programs and support plans for clients, including workshops, team building, solo or small group sessions, adventures, nature settings, activities and travel.


Hi! I'm Bianca.

A well-travelled master life coach, nutritionist and movement specialist.

Founder of Happy Flow Movements®, passionate about life, people, wellness, movement, and nature!


To achieve our best lives, we need a proactive, well-rounded approach to our daily lives. I've designed innovative wellness programs tailored to the unique needs of individuals and organizations.

As a speaker and designer of wellness programs, I love sharing my knowledge and expertise.


Let's promote health, wellness, and happiness together. We can all achieve our best selves and live fulfilling lives!

Image by Lina Loos

Our Services

Are you ready to enhance and bring more joy into your experience and take it to the next level!

The approach is tailored to meet your unique needs based on your goals, current situation, and health. Offering a range of services including one-on-one life coaching, nutrition, movement facilitation, activity care guides, support plans, or a combination of these. The aim is to assist you in leading your life extraordinarily. We also provide solutions to assist businesses, organizations, and lodges to better their different areas in their operations. With a genuine, caring and professional approach, welcoming people of all ages, sizes, and abilities.


Who is this for?

  • Individuals

  • Small groups

  • Business, Corporate & Lodges

  • Schools

  • Care facilities

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Enjoying the Nature

Where do we do it?

  • Online

  • In your Home / Office

  • Wellness Rooms

  • Studio Rentals

  • Outdoor/Nature settings



"The lesson have been amazing and a great learning experience, to get to know my body and connect with my family and sometimes friends. I learnt how to deal with the pain in places of my body. Over all the time that I have spent getting to know myself and my mom and sisters have been enjoyable. Thank you for that"

Lilitha, South Africa

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