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Personal Experience & Certifications.


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In addition to the qualifications my hands on work & life experiences has aided in the development of the services now offered at Happy Flow Movements®.


Roles such as - working in Scotland as a Fitness and Wellbeing Advisor for Nuffield Health, to a +/-3 year position as a support worker for children & adults with Autism, in both housing support and in day care services all on various ends of the spectrum.


My earlier work experience has contributed to my experience in working with people of all ages, from all walks of life, assisting me in cultivating patience, care and understanding. eg Assistant manager & Hostess at Petani Beach House to a Public Relations Officer for The World Cafe now Bubu Villa on Perhentian Island in Malaysia. Alongside other roles such as working at a Holistic wellness centre and having various au pairing and child caring experiences through out my life & travels, from new-borns to mid-teens, full-time and part-time.


My life experiences, love of people, movement, dance, music ,nature and the search for happiness/wholeness has all played a role in where I am today and the creation of lifestyle Holistic Body Movement progammes.



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