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Exclusive Services

Happy Flow Movements is committed to empowering you to live & move through life with more ease. Moving Together, we’ll push boundaries and find ways that will specifically assist you in achieving your wellness goals. Promoting enjoyment, peace and relaxation in all our body movement moments.Offering you unyielding support and perspective when you need to transcend your inner challenges and rise to your true potential.

Pink Roses


Life Coaching, Nutrition, Movement

Life Coaching, talks and adventures for Individuals, corporate team building and families. Movement is life and the human body requires it to function at its best capacity.



Team Building Adventures

Team building and family and private connection packages, follow the adventure. Live your life extraordinarily and create the memories you've always dreamed of.


Body Movement

Body Movement  Easy Flow Yoga/Stretching, Body Movement, Dance, Relaxation, Breathing and an all round approach to your physical health and well-being.  Relax, Breathe, Move and Repeat...



Getaways Connect, Move, Relax.
(All inclusive)

Offering Happy Flow Movement holiday getaway programs. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Areas and accommodation available subject to Covid-19 regulations.


Caring for the elderly *SSR

Day trips, care home/ retirement village visits, in house caring and errand assistance. Make the difference in the lives of those who cared for us.



Childcare & supportservices *2+ SSR

Day trips, housing support, au pairing, mentoring and more. Working with ASD, specially gifted children and their families. Contracts and holiday service support also available. Online and in person. * Continued online contact made available, depending on services required and individual circumstances.


Love what you eat!

Support local, natural foods, meals made easy.  Only made with the best quality ingredients, suitable for freezing. Assists with digestion, weight management, packed with the vitamins, minerals, salts and all the nutrition needed to keep a healthy balanced system. *Specialist referrals available where needed.



Time & passing moments...

'In my opinion, there is nothing better than being in the beauty that is nature and enjoying the adventure of life, while the opportunity /season is still present with those we love. Time spent waiting for that perfect moment, or being too busy to focus on any moment, only takes you further away from those happy flowing moments that are available to us as we naturally move through life.'

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