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If my life hadn’t been the colourful roller coaster ride it was, my struggle & bewilderment in finding my natural flow and self in my everyday movements would still be real.. Switching from one character role to the next… My story, as all stories do, had some challenges to overcome, some labelled as ADD, PTSD , depression etc. but there were others that ran deeper than that, those unnoticed repeated occurrences of various not so pleasant life situations that I repeatedly and somewhat automatically found myself in.

As time went by and I got older things became more blurry, leading me to the higher highs and lower low’s with the occasional grace/distraction period in between. My wellbeing going either extremely unchecked or checked to the extreme, whether I over did it sometimes causing injury, seeing therapist after therapist, going on course after course. My “unknowingly” self-destructive and attention seeking patterns along with the lack of self and body awareness grew from mild to worse, peaking and troughing for many years, until finally the language of distraction and pretend failed and a melt down occurred. For me and the whole world to see. I was brought back to SA for treatment where I was put on a fair amount of medication to help me cope with life.  And so my search for happiness without meds and labels began/continued…

*Fast forward and here I am+/-6 years later, medication, alcohol & meat free, attending regular Ayuvedic Swedana Steam Therapies, moving with my body and using Ayurveda Plant/natural medicine over western where possible. These are a few of the changes that have aided me personally in maintaining and returning to a more natural flowing and balanced state. The invaluable support from my mom, spiritual counsellors/universal teachers and various other lesson bringers along the way cannot go unnoticed as it has all brought me right here, where I am, as I sit here and share this chapter with you..

The natural route and nature as a whole has helped me personally to connect with my inner spark again, which enabled me the opportunity to utilize my life experience and amalgamate my skills & qualifications, blooming into what is now Happy Flow Movements and the uniquely created service that is Holistic Body Movement.

Freeing my mind and body, being able to benefit from a more holistic lifestyle approach to a movement enriched way of living, being open to enjoying life’s experience with the self and the body again is a gift. Don't get me wrong change/movement isn’t always easy after years of feeling yuk or not at all yourself, my trick has been to focus on how thankful I am that I've been taken back to a moment where I can connect to the expanding rhythm of love in my heart. This is where the “magic” I once had as a child opens up the world of possibility and growth, both in my inner and outer worlds, viewing things with more acceptance and colour. With all the serendipitous moments of my life finally leading me to one of the most real answers someone could have given me, sit down and be quite... This is where the answers to my life lay and where the stillness could speak louder than the confusion... So I offer you the choice to join me in the amazing world that is body movement, an invitation to create, explore and experience your unique flow in whichever way or capacity that may be for you, getting out of your head and into your body. Programs offer services that aim to best cater to your body movement requirements and capabilities.


Where there is movement there is life. 

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