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I'm Bianca Griffin, founder of Happy Flow Movements® a Holistic Body Movement specialist, registered Well-Travelled Yoga Instructor, qualified PT and Life coach with a diverse background in caring for people and working with the human body in general.

Having a life long passion for people, body movement and being a wellness enthusiast, I understand that the best way to achieve our goals is to take a proactive and integrative approach to being healthy and happy. In my personal experience there is no one size fits all, therefore a personalized plan is designed specifically to suit the needs of individuals and private/corporate client groups.

What is Holist Body Movement:

The cultivation of being present with self and body with the movement in all that we do.

The recipe used is unique as it is an amalgamation of personal and working experience, study, devotion to living, learning and developing the art of body wellness & happiness, using body movement as a main modality.

Services assist those looking for new ideas and easy to implement programmes, tailored to suit your current life style or business model. With either your own freelance professionals to carry out the services or Happy Flow Movements® as your service provided.

Book a consultation - Holistic Body Movement and Wellness.

*Private, Corporate, Care facilities and Schools. *Monthly & Annual contracts/mentoring programmes available - in person and interactive hybrid online designs

Programme & Workshop design options are vast and specifically cater to the needs of the client.


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